The Film

The Birth of Saké is a documentary film about the workers and production seasons at Tedorigawa, a fifth-generation, family-owned sake brewery in Ishikawa, Japan. The film will give viewers a rare look into an intense atmosphere of a working sake brewery. The small team of brewers is made up mostly of migrant farmers who grow rice in the summers and return to the brewery in late October to begin an intense six-month period of saké production.


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To complete the film, we need to film additional scenes in Japan. We would like to film the brewmaster in his hometown of Noto, Ishikawa, where he farms rice during the off season. A few of the co-workers from the brewery also live nearby and it would be interesting to film their relationship outside of the brewery. We would also want to get brewmaster’s wife’s perspective: How does she feel about having her husband away for six months every year?

We also need to film the critical scene of the workers coming back to the brewery at the beginning of the sake season in late October to complete the full circle of the saké brewing season.

The funds raised via Kickstarter would also be used for:

Post Production (Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction and Graphics), Music Composition and Licensing Rights, Legal Fees, Equipment Rental and Labor Costs

We hope you are as excited about the film as we are!